Something is happening, but you don’t know what It Is

ghosts blogI AM a 57 year-old post-graduate educated man, an atheist, a sceptic and a realist with a huge back catalogue of real life experiences… nothing strange there then, so why do I suddenly believe in ghosts?

For regular readers of my blog, I would like to start by casting you back just 12 days ago to my posting entitled There’s no exit in any direction… except the one that you can’t see with your eyes. It is a post in which I try to explain some paranormal experiences in my life.

Now I need, yes need, to bring things forward to the present state.

My wife Gill and I moved into our 19th century cottage here in Shropshire on 28th June this year. The move was marked by Gill breaking her leg in a freak accident in the garden less than an hour after we arrived. We dismissed the accident as a ‘just an accident’ and got on with moving in and Gill’s recovery over a very hot summer.

The cottage is warm, cosy and above all full of character and charm. Over the years, it has been extended and undergone several alterations, including the transformation of a side passage into the main body of the house, which has in turn enlarged the kitchen.

And it is in this extended area of the kitchen where the unexplained has happened. It is always a cold part of the house and in one four feet square area where our own Drop Spirit lives.

The week we moved in, I fitted on the wall in this area some old pine shelves to house my wife’s growing collection of TG Green Cornishware pottery. As I completed the job I suddenly dropped a large glass jar full of screws onto the quarry tiled floor. The jar exploded beneath me and screws sprayed everywhere.

Three days later in the same area of the kitchen I dropped a plate full of food and a week later, a bag full of peas was also dropped without warning.

So far three unexplained droppings of items. Nothing sinister yet… just coincidence.

Then matters became more complicated.

Five weeks ago my mother came to stay and while she was sitting at the kitchen table, I offered to show her Gill’s prize piece of Cornishware pottery from the display shelves: a small blue and cream striped cheese pot. It is piece of pottery I have handled many times before, but on this occasion, its lid suddenly flew from the pot and sadly smashed on the kitchen floor.

It was after this that we began to note the accidents in this corner of the kitchen.

To this date I have also dropped a glass of wine, a stack of baking tins and a tub of spray cooking oil.

Seven items dropped in one small corner of the house in just four months, and each accident witnessed by at least one other person.

In 57 years I have rarely dropped things in such quick succession and not dropped anything else elsewhere in our cottage.

So last night we decided to investigate.

With the lights turned off, Gill walked into that corner of the kitchen and closed her eyes. She wrote down what she saw: “A train, a ferry or something beginning with F”.

Now it was my turn… I walked slowly into the darkened kitchen and as I passed the threshold I felt a vibration pass across my shoulders. There was no vision for my part, so I stood still. Suddenly a plastic pot of vitamin pills fell onto the floor behind me.

This morning events took another twist.

I took my £450 camera phone to photograph this area of the kitchen, hoping to catch something. As I held the camera ready to shoot, it fell from my grasp onto the floor. Thankfully it was in a padded jacket and did not break.

What the hell is happening in our house?

A poltergeist maybe?

Today, following some basic research on Google, I have discovered that we live adjacent to an old rectory whose foundations date back to the 15th century together with an ancient family burial ground. The rectory was demolished three years ago to make way for a supermarket development.

Meanwhile I must add that the series of happenings in our kitchen are not frightening… but we really would like them explained.

Any ideas anyone?

  • At the moment I published this piece yesterday I heard a metallic clatter from the kitchen. I shouted to my wife to ask whether everything was alright. She replied: “Just dropped a cake cooling tray, in the Drop Spirit zone!”

Author: seagullnic

Writer, editor, lecturer and part-time musician. Passions in life: my family, Bob Dylan, music of many genres, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, cooking plus good food and wine.

16 thoughts on “Something is happening, but you don’t know what It Is”

  1. Why don’t you look up some Ghost Hunters on the net in your area and ask them to do a nightime investigation with EMF metres, thermal imaging camera and spirit box – it would be a hoot! Maybe do a couple of EVP sessions, see if you can catch some ghostly voices!!! Probably on a ley line! 😉

      1. Some very intriguing research… off to talk to a heritage officer at the huge 15th century parish church across the road (about 300 metres away). I wonder if there are hidden passages or the supermarket was simply built on a burial ground. Watch this space, because other things have happened!

  2. I cannot say I am amazed by these events. I used to be a sceptic too but have had so many experiences in various places, I am now in the camp of the ‘not sure but wavering,’ brigade. I had a friend years ago who was a PI and in her spare time she was a Ghost Hunter and was on TV a few times. She told me that to date (then) she had never come across anything which could not be explained. So I never consulted her about the things I/we have encountered including seeing ‘Ghosts,’ having experiences with ‘Spirit Guides,’ and much more. In the late 1980’s in my guise as a Music Business ‘suit,’ my husband and I were involved in a series of interviews across the UK for a new Satellite TV station, which wanted to broadcast from the London Hippodrome each month where we used to hold various shows for our rock acts. During this year we had to meet and interview Mediums, Clairvoyants, Witches, Spiritualists and so on for the show and we had the most amazing time doing this. We met some complete nutters, self-deluders, and plain charlatans and then there were those who just could not be explained. Their words, their ‘visions,’ and their predictions just could not be explained – they were accurate and knew things we had never told anyone and they had never met us or known about us before. So your strange events do not amaze me but I do hope you all keep safe and sane! Don’t go into that corner with anything expensive or of great sentimental value. Interesting tale. Loved it. 🙂

      1. Parish records, Land registry and local papers (as you know) helped me a lot when doing our family research. Been doing it for over 30 years and it is fun but hard going at times. Good luck.

    1. The ghosts have got to my writing. I think I have commented on your Flash Fiction piece on another of your posts!
      As for our unexplained experiences trying to cut through the nutters and weird stuff is a struggle. But genuinely think there is something behind this!

      1. Seems like they are after you here too….LOL. I must admit I am less sceptical than I used to be and having seen a person as real as you or I, leaning over me one night many years ago, I really do wonder. I was almost 10 months pregnant at the time and due to go in for an induction (no gory details)and the night before my son was born I felt a presence in the room and this old woman from the days of crofters etc was leaning over me smiling. Many years later one of the clairvoyants we interviewed for the TV show, described her in great detail without ever being told about her. I nearly passed out with shock.

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