7 thoughts on “Nothing that would pass inspection… just thinking of a series of dreams”

  1. That is very interesting and I look forward to hearing about what you find out. The dream with the dark hole when you were a child and the dark passage under your kitchen now though can be explained – it is a reflection of your fear or if not fear – just your wonderings – about the unknown. The fact that the child who died is in your dream is an expression of that unknown aspect about what lies beyond death and/or the other Earthly dimensions that we know. I am not saying that it isn’t the girl herself reaching out to help you understand what’s going on – it could be that too – who knows, but certainly the imagery of the dark hole in the dream and the spot where the activity happens, occupied by your cat is a reflection of your subconscious trying to understand what is happening. I am very into dreams – I do believe they can also be a way to communicate across dimensions of space and time and that is why they often come in the form of precognition 🙂

  2. What an interesting comment from Laura. I must admit I was sort of thinking the same thing but not in such a clear and succinct manner. Dreams do have meaning and if only we could work out what we might lead happier and more relaxed lives. I do believe that places and certain events leave ‘energies’ behind – like the movie theory; glimpses of something that happened which is caught up in an endless loop (replaying) when viewed in a certain way. All that energy has to go somewhere….it does not die. Happy sleuthing and do keep us informed.

    1. Sort of what I was trying to say in another way in my first blod posting in this trilogy… we can send a man to the moon but still don’t understand ourselves or what our brains do. Can only wonder what mankind will know in even 100 years time.
      Love the idea of the endless loop though.

      1. I wonder about that too…things are moving so fast in this world and technology seems to be going at warp 6, so who knows….exciting time to be alive in many ways.

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