Poem: Born in time

Born in time
But out of line
I never knew where I was heading
Childhood games
Along dusty lanes
Beach combed pebbles I was treading
Dark wood pain
Scarred my brain
My own faint shadow I was dreading
Back from hell
A witch’s spell
Another chance at life I was begging
Ripped right through
Who is who?
Years and happiness I was shredding
Hand in hand
And nothing planned
Grey clothed future at our wedding

Poem: Fading anger

Look out across the years, can you see me crying?
Your memory fades with each passing night and day
From the beginning I knew that you were lying
Your colour shifts from red to shades of grey

I see through your deceit, I know that you are hurting
Regret it covers your face up like a cape
Memories now become quite disconcerting
I still wonder how you managed to escape

I hear your angry voice, rant like a drum beat
You were protecting yourself last time we spoke
I only asked you for conversation and made it discrete
I’ve never guessed you’d hide yourself up in that smoke

I sent you my feelings in a confidential letter
But you just played at God with Abel and Cain
Ten years further on I think I know you better
But how do you live your life with all that pain?

In my earth-filled coffin I think I will remember
The venom that was howling unrefined
Now old fires they just die to a glowing ember
And anger decomposes in the wasteland of your mind