It would go up against every rule

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DURING the past 24 hours I have revisited and revaluated what I believe about this world in a deeper and more profound way than I ever have done before.
And the more I have discovered, the greater is my need to discover more.
After seven months of mystery we have now made two major breakthroughs in our search for the truth behind the unexplained happenings in our small cottage.
But before I continue, I refer new readers of this blog to five related postings I have made in the past few months (all now grouped under the category heading The Unexplained): 21 October: There’s no exit in any direction… except the one that you can’t see with your eyes , 2 November: Something is happening, but you don’t know what It Is , 4 November: Nothing that would pass inspection… just thinking of a series of dreams , 21 November: Everything stays down where it’s wounded and 7 January: Looks like it’s moving, but it’s standing still.
To fully understand the timeline and narrative, I humbly suggest you read the other postings first.
So now I bring you up to the present…
Items continue to be unexpectedly dropped in our kitchen Drop Spirit Zone on such a regular basis that we have become blasé about them.
Everything from bags of peas and pieces of toast to saucepan lids and oven tins have gone crashing to the floor in our four feet by seven feet haunted kitchen zone.
Most recently I dropped and broke a mug and a wooden box of incense sticks in the zone.
And all three of us have become victims of the droppings, which number about 50 since we moved here on 28 June last year.
We have all struggled for a rational explanation behind the droppings and noises which come from this area of our house, and naturally we have talked and laughed about ghosts and hauntings.
But following our new discoveries we are not laughing anymore.
A couple of months ago I discovered that our cottage lies west and adjacent to a former rectory whose foundations date back to the 15th century, together with a small family burial ground.
A few weeks later I also discovered our town is the only one in the county built on an original Roman site. Archaeological excavations in the 1980s unearthed a selection of burial vases on land adjacent south of our cottage, below the foundations of a fort. Experts believe this land is a 2nd century Roman burial site.
So it seemed our 19th century cottage was built close to two ancient burial plots!
But nothing prepared us for yesterday’s discovery.
While searching through Shropshire County archives I found that our house and small garden lie directly on top of a cemetery of unknown origin.
It possibly dates as a plague pit from a large outbreak of bubonic plague in the town in 1650. Or equally it maybe of Roman origin.
The archive states that there was an archaeological excavation in our back garden in 1992 and seven extended skeletons were discovered in one exploration trench. More presumably lie adjacent to this single trench.
The owner of the house at the time had lived here 35 years and was amazed by the find.
We are now investigating four unknowns:
1) Are the skeletons still there and if not, where are they?
2) How many more are likely to be there?
3) What is their origin – surely a proper archaeological survey would be able to date them?
4) Where exactly were they found?
Our cottage and garden are quite small. The original two storey structure dates from the early 19th century and measures 26’ in width and 16’ feet deep. A later 19th century two storey rear extension of some 14’ by 15’ was added. Then there are two more recent single storey rear extensions; a 14’ by 7’ conservatory and 22’ long by 9’ wide kitchen.
Most of the kitchen extension was probably built pre-war, but the conservatory and back section of the long kitchen may only be 20 years old.
Sadly no plans exist for either structure to be able to determine when they were built.
So the skeletons may have been found either under the conservatory (while digging for the foundations), under the rear part of the kitchen, or in the current garden area.
This morning I began my further investigations; telephoning in turn the company which undertook the 1992 excavations, the county council’s Historic Environment team and our local heritage centre
My second phone call was the killer.
The lady I spoke to, was truly gobsmacked when I told her where I lived.
She stuttered slightly as she told me she used to live in this same cottage some years ago.
And one of the reasons she moved out was she believed it was haunted.
She spoke at length about objects dropping to the floor, mirrors and pictures falling from the wall, objects disappearing (we have also lost numerous small items since moving here) and the sound of footsteps on the landing when no one else was in the house.
She also said areas of the house were distinctly cold, even in the summer… something we have also noted.
Like us, this lady thought she was going crazy or imagining things.
But now we know we are not alone and we are far from crazy.
This afternoon I begin another search, to find other former residents of this cottage and maybe share our experiences.
It may not bring us any closer to finding the truth behind the unexplained activity, but one thing is certain: I used not to believe in ghosts, but I do now!
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Author: seagullnic

Writer, editor, lecturer and part-time musician. Passions in life: my family, Bob Dylan, music of many genres, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, cooking plus good food and wine.

3 thoughts on “It would go up against every rule”

  1. A lot of this stuff has happened in our house as well. My mother did not believe me until I was speaking to her in the upstairs hall way and we heard someone coming up the steps, not little creeks in the floor, but the sound of heavy work boots. She looked down the stairs expecting to see someone. no one was there. this happened 4 years ago and she still talks about it, I am sure it effected her in a profound way.

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