PRINCE ANDREW & JEFFREY EPSTEIN: Can the Palace really make the denial stick?

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AndrewJEptBlur and distortion among the privileged

Prince Andrew’s flat and emphatic denial of any complicity in abuse of a minor in 2001 suggests just how seriously Buckingham Palace is taking the resurfacing allegations about his sex life.

I first posted on this affair just over two years ago. The circumstantial and affidavit evidence now available in a new Court case accusing Jeffrey Epstein of pimping minors for the sexual gratification of himself and others is nothing more than consistent with the charges that sent him to jail four years ago. What remains a mystery wrapped up in socialite privilege is how Epstein managed to spend just 13 months in the poky, when trafficking charges such as those usually carry 10-20 year sentence guidance in US Courts.

In the original 2012 Slogpost, my primary motive was to wonder what powerful people with sexualities as varied as Prince Andrew and Lord…

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