Poem: Island Dreamer

I left my heart in the islands

On a westerly breeze

Purple heather blooming

Amid bare rowan trees

Bluebells blazing

Where the fast waters flow

The time has come

For me to go

Feel like a prisoner

In a bleak city world

Need to turn back the clock

To where the wild cat is curled

My heart’s in the islands

Wherever I roam

That’s where I’ll be

When I get called home

Feel like I’m drifting

On a grey rolling sea

Watching mermaids dance

And she’s singing to me

But the waves wash deep

Over a mortal dream

And nothing is as easy

As it once did seem

Feel like my love was

Lost in the glen

On a mountain side

Where the stags rut again

On the rocky shore

My heart begins to burn

By a smoking peat fire

Someday I’ll return

My heart’s in the islands

At the break of dawn

When I left there

I hadn’t even been born

Just a young man all at sea

I threw too much out of the door

Now I am further away

Than ever before

Feel like I’m lost

So I sit and yearn

Some things in life

Take an age to unlearn

The sun outside shines on me

But not like the sun that used to be

On the ben I now see the winter hare

I’m not lost, I’m already there