Publication Revelation

I AM a fool, an imbecile and an idiot!

For the past three months I have been working hard to collect enough songs and poems to publish my second book: Another Hill – Songs and Poems of Love and Theft.

I have been drafting the collection on a preformed MS Word Manuscript of 100 pages – to match the first book: The Hill- Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light. I had planned to publish the new book next month (November). But, I have been stuck on between 70% and 80% finished for the past eight weeks, so decided to delay publication until next spring.

This afternoon I discovered by chance that the manuscript I have been saving to is A4 in size, when in reality it should be A5!

Having converted the manuscript to the correct size I now have 123 pages of songs and poems.

So now begins the painful process of editing and cutting to fit the work into 100 pages!

And a pre-Christmas publication date is now back on the cards!

My first book The Hill: Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light in paperback, is still available priced at just £3.99 with £1.80 for UK post and packing. To obtain a copy go to Or email:

Now is the Time to Free Palestine

SO the murders have begun all over again.

Less than 14 months since the massacre of Gaza, which took the lives of 2,400 innocent civilians (including 500 children), the bloodshed in Palestine has returned with an autumn vengeance.

On Friday, a 28 year-old mother and student, Israa Abed, was gunned down while waiting for a bus, by up to a dozen Israeli soldiers.

They shouted at her to put her hands in the air which she did. As she stood in one spot, with her arms up, pleading with the soldiers not to shoot her, they moved in and opened fire putting five bullets into the young woman’s body.

Israa is now in critical condition in hospital,

Despite video evidence to the contrary, Israeli authorities claim Israa was attempting to stab a soldier. This line has been reported as fact across much of the media, including the BBC.

The video which disproves Israel’s claim can be seen here:

And this video shows an Israeli kicking away a pair of sunglasses from Israa’s side as she lies on the floor – sunglasses, not a knife:

Meanwhile, another Palestinian student named Fadi, aged 19, was in Jerusalem when a group of Jewish settlers started chasing him.

He ran to the Israeli police for help… as he pled for help, they shot him dead.

His mother and brother couldn’t attend his funeral because they are not allowed entry into Jerusalem.

My long-time Facebook friend and teacher Mahmmood Arafaat explains the current terror: “Life is paralyzed here in Palestine. No one is able to do anything.

“We wake up asking about what else Israeli forces can do to Palestinians?

“Innocent Palestinians are being killed and injured all around us, and those who stay alive live under the fear of what tomorrow may bring.

“And we haven’t heard or witnessed any international movement yet. Silence and motionless while the circle of death and destruction increasingly goes on.”

Over this last weekend 14 Palestinians were murdered by Israeli forces in just two days… almost 1,000 have killed or injured in the past three weeks.

Meanwhile the BBC (see Appendix 1) has reported:

  • Israeli-Palestine Violence – Gaza rocket lands in Israel.

  • Jerusalem Attacks – Israelis hurt in two Palestinian stabbings.

  • Israelis Injured in new spate of stabbings.

Palestinian campaigner Nahida Izzat sets it out in startling black and white: “We the Palestinian Nation have been victims of insanely sadistic cruelty, assassinations of pregnant mothers, torture of children, psycho-terror, loss of land, loss of peace, security and independence, loss of health, destruction of our architectural and archeological cultural heritage, loss of collective and personal property, loss of economic means, all at the hands and policies of a foreign and psychopathic body of Jewish Zionist terrorists and their international network of accomplices, for more than seven decades.

“Myriads of Jewish-Zionist funds and foundations continue to raise and collect sums in the billions from international Jewish communities, to finance (either overtly or covertly) the destruction of our nation and our homeland.”

It is what the US would call a Killing Field:

For the past 85 years there have been four major Intifadas (uprisings) in Palestine in 1929, 1936, 1987, 2000.

For six generations there have been 10 wars of aggression by Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1996, 2006, 2008/9, 2012 and 2014.

Tens of thousands of innocent and peace seeking civilians now lie dead.

Nahida Izzat continues: “Yet, the racist supremacist occupiers Israel still have not learned how to co-exist and live peacefully without violence or aggression.

“Their ideological supremacy and fanaticism is now worsening and spiralling out of control.

Yet, comes those fake “doves” who want to hoodwink Palestinians and the world into believing that “coexistence” and “peace” with violent, nuclear-armed supremacist is not only possible, but only just around the corner!

“I call this behaviour a deception of the highest order.

  • If every single one of us, 11 million Palestinians, agrees to “coexist” with those who raped our land and dispossessed us:

  • If we all become ideological clones of Mahmoud Abbas;

  • If we run with open arms smothering our occupiers with hugs and kisses;

  • If we agree to absolve them of all the century of crimes;

  • If we embrace them under the banner of “equal rights for all”;

“The supremacist occupiers would sneer, turn their heads away in contempt, while plotting for their next expansionist war, for how could a “chosen” ever be “equal” to a “goy”?

“The six million dollar question now is, why on Earth do Jewish supporters ignore the fatal need of Israeli supremacists to learn about equality and co-existence and frenetically chase us, to preach co-existence to us and teach us about equality instead of their own?

“It is time to cut the crap, once and for all, and stop the lie of preaching co-existence to Palestinians when you know fair well that Jewish racism and supremacy lie at the heart of the problem.”

Nahida is right, the root cause to problem of the entire Middle East is the complete denial of Palestinian freedom.

Israel has chosen occupation over peace, and used negotiations as a smokescreen to advance its colonial project.

Every government across the globe knows this simple fact and yet so many of them pretend that returning to the failed recipes of the past could achieve freedom and peace.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

There can be no negotiations without a clear Israeli commitment to fully withdraw from the Palestinian territory it occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem; a complete end to all colonial policies; a recognition of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people including their right to self-determination and return; and the release of all Palestinian prisoners.

Maybe it is useful to remind the world that Palestine’s dispossession, forced exile and transfer, and oppression have now lasted for nearly 70 years.

Palestinian Liberation is the only item to have stood on the UN’s agenda since its inception.

The entire world knows that Jerusalem is the flame that can inspire peace and ignite war.

Why then does the world stand still while the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people in the city and in Muslim and Christian holy sites, notably Al-Haram al-Sharif, continue unabated?

Israel’s actions and crimes not only destroy the two-state solution on 1967 borders and violate international law, they threaten to transform a solvable political conflict into a never-ending religious war that will undermine stability in a region already experiencing unprecedented turmoil.

Israel’s domination of Palestinians makes violence inevitable

The latest round of attacks is shocking, but no anomaly. There will never be quiet as long as one group of citizens are forced to live without rights, and with no way out

No people on the globe would accept to coexist with oppression.

By nature, humans yearn for freedom, struggle for freedom, sacrifice for freedom, and the freedom of the Palestinian people is long overdue.

And in words that would have sat easily with Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Nahida Izzat adds: “We the Palestinian people aim to steer our own struggle towards liberation those who want to steer in the same direction are welcome, those who want to steer in a different direction, to protect our killers and secure their future from any upcoming natural justice, are advised to jump across and join the other camp right away, rather than waiting for the future.

“We refuse to grant legitimacy to supremacists, mass-murderers and baby-killers.

“The only fair solution for such chronic grave injustice, to right the wrong of a century of crimes against humanity is the Algerian model of the full Liberation of Palestine.”

Indeed, now is the time to Free Palestine.

Spread the word.

Appendix 1 :

  • Criticism of the BBC’s Middle East coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict led the BBC to commission an investigation and report from a senior broadcast journalist Malcolm Balen, referred to as the Balen Report and completed in 2004. The BBC’s refusal to release the report under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 resulted in a long-running and ongoing legal case. This led to speculation that the report was damning, as well as to accusations of hypocrisy, as the BBC frequently made use itself of Freedom of Information Act requests when researching news stories.
  • After the Balen report, the BBC appointed a committee chosen by the Governors and referred to by the BBC as an “independent panel report” to write a report for publication which was completed in 2006. Of the report’s findings regarding the dearth of BBC reporting of the difficulties faced by the Palestinians, Richard Ingrams wrote in The Independent that “No sensible person could quarrel with that judgement.”
  • In the course of their “Documentary Campaign 2000–2004,” Trevor Asserson, Cassie Williams and Lee Kern of BBCWatch published a series of reports The BBC And The Middle East stating in their opinion that “the BBC consistently fails to adhere to its legal obligations to produce impartial and accurate reporting.”
  • The BBC received intense criticism in January 2009 for its decision not to broadcast a television appeal by aid agencies on behalf of the people of Gaza during the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict, on the grounds that it could compromise the BBC’s journalistic impartiality. More than 11,000 complaints were filed in a three-day span. The BBC’s director general, Mark Thompson, explained that the corporation had a duty to cover the Gaza dispute in a “balanced, objective way,“ and was concerned about endorsing something that could “suggest the backing one side”
  • In December 2011, the BBC caused further controversy after censoring the word ‘Palestine’ from a song played on BBC Radio 1Xtra
  • More controversy was caused in April 2012 when the BBC broadcast news of 2,500 Palestinian prisoners who were on hunger strike, with very little overall coverage. This resulted in two protests outside the BBC buildings in Glasgow and in London. According to the poll conducted by Jewish Policy Research on more than 4,000 respondents, nearly 80% of British Jews believes that BBC is biased against Israel. Only 14% of British Jews believes that BBC coverage of Israel is “balanced”.[73]
  • In 2010 the BBC was accused of pro-Israel bias in its documentary about the Gaza flotilla raid. The raid ended with nine activists killed and dozens injured. A UNHRC fact-finding mission described six of the nine passengers’ deaths as “summary execution” by the Israeli commandos.,[75] but a BBC documentary concluded that Israeli forces had faced a violent premeditated attack by a group of hardcore IHH activists, who intended to orchestrate a political act to put pressure on Israel. The programme was criticised as “biased” by critics of Israel and the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) questioned why the IDF boarded the ship at night if it had peaceful intention. Eyewitness Ken O’Keefe accused the BBC of distorting the capture, medical treatment and ultimate release of three Israeli commandos into a story of heroic self-rescuing commandos.
  • Appendix 2 :  An interesting perspective:

Sussex – My Home

Who would the rolling Downs exchange

For mountains of a greater height?

The sweeping hills and fertile combe

For summits that obscure your sight?

Who would the ancient earthworks change

For hostile castles, gaunt and grey?

That stand out black against the sun

Nor gladly greet the coming day?

Who would our cool blue sea exchange

For inland lakes and muddy sands?

We English to the seas are bound

By unseen, unrelenting bands.

Who would our chalk white cliffs exchange

For others that are red or brown?

And those who would wish our peaceful Weald

The chaos of a busy town?


Palestine Blood

The West Bank is bleeding

Tears of blood weep

Israel murders

While the West goes to sleep

Down in the cellars

They shelter the storm

Alone in their terrors

A new child is born

The blood of the children

Stains our humanity

While the US give a billion

An act of depravity

Wake up my friends

For now is the time

To make our amends

And save Palestine


In this garden of weeds

Your flower still blooms

Like a memory of a time gone by

I can still hear your voice hang in the trees

And see your face in the clouds in the sky

Rhiannon, Rhiannon

My beautiful child

Named after a song

In times so wild

Dance in the meadows

And sing by the stream

Here in my heart

Where you’ve always been

In this room full of wonder

Your shadow still slips

Like a memory of something so fine

I can still hear your laughter rolling like thunder

And feel your heart beating next to mine

Rhiannon, Rhiannon

My beautiful child

Named after a song

In times so wild

Dance in the meadows

And sing by the stream

Here in my heart

Where you’ve always been

In this world full of grace

Your truth is an arrow

Like a memory of what used to be

I can still feel the touch of your hand on my face

And sense your spirit in the raging sea

Rhiannon, Rhiannon

My beautiful child

Named after a song

In times so wild

Dance in the meadows

And sing by the stream

Here in my heart

Where you’ve always been