One last time

On this lonely night

In the stardust of the fading light

You came to me in black and white

Embracing all my dreams

On the rising curve

Where the ways of life test every nerve

We won’t get anything we don’t deserve

Where we were born in time


You came, you saw

Just like the law

You bound up my heart

On a distant shore

I fell for you

And you for me

Our lives they were one

Now lost at sea


You are snow, I’m in the rain

You are beauty, I am plain

Oh my love, truer words

Have not been spoken or broken

In the hills of mystery

In the foggy web of destiny

You can have what’s left of me

Where we were born in time


Oh fragile flower

In an autumn shower

I watch you bloom

From my ivory tower

I’ll tend your needs

Pull the weeds

And fill our lives

With better deeds