Traitors’ Gate: 28 Labour MPs named as part of Coup


WE can now name and shame 28 Labour MPs who have signed up as part of an undemocratic coup to oust Jeremy Corbyn.

Most have been part of a cabal with a right wing agenda since September 2015, ready to use any opportunity to topple the Labour Party’s democratically elected leader.

Their plotting has been an open secret. As a humble journalist I was able to name 28 would-be assassin MPs as far back as January in  a published article entitled The Enemy Within.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell accuses many of the assassins of being linked to the Blairite campaign group Progress.

“They all come from a sort of a narrow right-wing clique within the Labour Party based around the organisation Progress,”

he said.

“I don’t think they’ve really ever accepted Jeremy’s mandate. I’m afraid they have to recognise that Jeremy got elected with the largest mandate of any political leader from any political party in our history.

“I’m afraid they haven’t respected that leadership election result.”

The move to oust Mr Corbyn is outrageous, and more than 185,000 ordinary Labour members and supporters have already signed an online petition of total confidence in Mr Corbyn – who already has a mandate as leader from the vast majority of party members.

These plotting MPs have no mandate.

Jeremy Corbyn has the support and mandate of the vast majority of the Labour Party and by acting as they are, they are pandering to their own narrow self-interest and political opportunism

These traitors must be put on notice: We are watching you, have noted your actions as traitors to the Labour Party and your time as a Labour MP is numbered.

As at 10pm on Sunday 26 June, we can name:

Alan Johnson (Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle) *

Angela Smith (Penistone & Stocksbridge)

Ann Coffey (Stockport) *

Ben Bradshaw (Exeter) *

Caroline Flint (Don Valley) *

Chris Bryant (Rhondda)

Chris Leslie (Nottingham East) *

Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central) *

Frank Field (Birkenhead) *

Gloria de Piero (Ashfield) *

Hilary Benn (Leeds Central)

Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East) *

Ian Murray (Edinburgh South)

Ivan Lewis (Bury South)

John Woodcock (Barrow and Furness) *

Karen Buck (Westminster North)

Karl Turner (Hull East)

Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East)

Lillian Greenwood (Nottingham South)

Lucy Powell (Manchester Central)

Margaret Hodge (Barking) *

Mike Gapes (Ilford South)

Peter Kyle (Hove and Portslade)

Seema Malhotra (Feltham and Heston)

Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon)

Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent Central) *

Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South)

Vernon Coaker (Gedling)

  • Those marked * were on the original list of suspected assassins, published in January

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, has been a close ally of Mr Corbyn for three decades, and gave warning to the plotters.

“If your local MP is undermining Jeremy Corbyn, opposing the anti-austerity measures that we want, people should have a right to say: ‘I’d like to have an MP who reflects my view.’ It shouldn’t be a job for life,” he said.

The redrawing the parliamentary boundaries, as part of plans to shrink the size of the Commons from 650 MPs to 600, will provide the opportunity to move against some right wing Labour MPs.

Under the Labour rules for boundary changes, existing MPs have the right to be reselected for a new seat if they can claim a “substantial territorial interest” of at least 40% in the new seat.

But reselection battles could be triggered under the current rules in many of the 206 Labour-held seats in England.

Just 36 will remain unchanged while in 54 of the seats the proposed boundary changes will be larger than 40% of the territory of the constituency, potentially opening them up to new candidates.

Many of these plotters have narrow majorities – John Woodcock’s (Barrow and Furness) for instance is only 795.

But Mr Corbyn still has a number of allies within the parliamentary party, led by John McDonnell, Andy McDonald, Dennis Skinner, Jon Trickett, Ronnie Campbell, Catherine Smith, Graham Morris and Diane Abbot.

In the past 18 hours Paul Flynn (Newport), Emily Thornberry (Islington South), Jo Stevens (Cardiff Central) , Richard Burgon (Leeds East), Ian Lavery (Wansbeck), Liz McInnes (Heywood and Middleton) and Jon Trickett (Hemsworth) have all put their heads above the parapets to support him.

Paul Flynn condemned the plotters as: “Orchestrated treachery. Resignations on the hour by the future Blair Tribute Party. Self-indulgent party games as steel jobs are in new peril.”

And this afternoon, shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham (Leigh) joined them.

“At an uncertain time like this for our country, I cannot see how it makes sense for the Opposition to plunge itself into a civil war,”

he said.

“I have never taken part in a coup against any leader of the Labour Party and I am not going to start now.

“It is for our members to decide who leads our Party and 10 months ago they gave Jeremy Corbyn a resounding mandate. I respect that and them.”

  • Please note we cannot do this alone. We as Labour Party members, associate members and supporters must unite around Jeremy Corbyn. Please help add to the list by sharing this article and posting comment on social media so we can expose all the plotters.


Author: seagullnic

Writer, editor, lecturer and part-time musician. Passions in life: my family, Bob Dylan, music of many genres, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, cooking plus good food and wine.

32 thoughts on “Traitors’ Gate: 28 Labour MPs named as part of Coup”

  1. I am not a labour member but my core values are socialist in nature. Jeremy Corbyn and John Mcdonald have restored my faith in politics. These MPS who have voted for this coup should lose their seats. They don’t represent their constituents.

    1. Very true well said I don’t believe for a minute these MP s are genuinely concerned about the our party and our country they are only interested in themselves they keep forgetting that Jeremy became Leader with full mandate and chosen by most of the members.

  2. This is shameful and disgusting behaviour at this time. I’m glad they are resigning and I hope they also leave the Labour Party which if they had any honour (doh!) they would do. Traitors – one and all.

  3. Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham called in 32 members of the local party, they voted to move a motion of No confidence in Mr Corbyn, I was bloody angry, but other than writing to him there is not much I can do

    1. In my local ward the officers have circulated a motion to all 194 members condeming the motion of confidence & asking our MP to join the majority of party members and support the leadership . So far over 70 have responded with 90% supporting the motion. We are expecting even more before we close the poll at midday Monday. Then copies will be sent to our MP & the PLP chair.

    2. There is a petition calling for his resignation on 38 degrees, it’s on the #deselectthem fb page

  4. It’s amazing how many labour MPs don’t listen to the people. Out of touch? When will they ever learn? Corbyn was elected by the people.

    1. Their roll is to prevent An alternative to neoliberalism – they intend on keeping labour out of number 10. The work for corporations, the Israeli right, and MI5 not the Labour Party – cookoos in the best.

  5. I genuinely believe these MPs are panicking as Corbyn moves closer to being PM (Following Cameron’s resignation). They’re not trying to oust him because they think he won’t win a GE for labour . They’re trying to oust because they’re scared he will. They don’t like his politics, which are more in line with ordinary people. It scares them, the old elite establishment will have to change and Corbyn can’t be bought off

    1. I agree they are definitely panicking no doubt they are scared that Jeremy is going to make it a success.

  6. Vernon coaker my MP doesn’t represent my views how do we get him deselected or this is a Labour voter lost for good ,you wouldn’t want these at your side in the trenches

  7. We don’t want these traitors in the Labour Party, they only value themselves and their careers. If they don’t agree with Jeremy they should leave the Labour Party and join one of the other parties (if THEY would have them– once a backstabber always a backstabber– not to be trusted EVER) or perhaps form their own party and then we would see how well they would do.

  8. All these rebels did not understand the Labour party members and why they have egg all over their faces. Now because they look for a scapegoat, they look to Jeremy Corbyn, when really they should all be looking in the mirror at themselves. Bad losers, very much so, but also people who will rip the Labour party apart, stupidly thinking that they are saving it. They should not be Labour members of parliament representing the working class thinking like they do.

    Tony Benn et al would turn in their graves knowing what is happening to the Party and where certain MPs still do not know how the Labour voter thinks or indeed ticks. Indeed these rebels must think that Labour voters are sheep. They have not learned a single thing.

    But overall these Labour back-stabbers have no comprehension of the strength of the British people and their own members as the United Kingdom has nothing in the long-term to fear from Brexit. For according to extensive global research by Japan (MITI) in the 1980s and Germany in the 1990s concerning the basic seeds of economic dynamism and whose thinking at the fundamental level has created the modern world, Britain leads the world by a mile. Indeed according to the Japanese and Germans, 53% and 54% respectfully.

    Therefore the UK has only to release this currently untapped gold-mine of creativity, and where we will lead the world in 20-years time. I just hope that the new independent government listens this time unlike the Blair government. For they have to listen to the people this time and invest in them, as the British people hold the secret and not just the scientists.

    ‘Why the ‘Innovation Chain’ is so Important for the Future World and Why things have to Change for Humanity’-

  9. I am not a Labour supporter and would be glad if you withered away and died. However I am appalled by the way Mr. Corbyn has been treated ever since he was elected because this is exactly what happened to the legal president of Georgia in 1992. People who wouldn’t accept the popular vote (87% of the population!) went searching for any friend they could do get rid of him. The result? The country was taken over by crime bosses (not a figure of speech), was turned into the CIA dirty tricks centre in the region (murder, gun running, drug smuggling, torture, rape, bioweapons manufacture and distribution, supply of terrorists) and everyone is interested in politics but no one knows what any of the politicians stand for because their concerns bear no relation to the people’s. I may not support you, but I don’t want that to be what the Labour Party is about. Whatever you have to do, make sure it doesn’t happen.

  10. As a lifelong Labour supporter I have never seen such treachery at such a time when Britain needs a united Labour Party the most.
    These MPs must be expelled from the Party even if it triggers byelections.
    Jeremy was elected by the Party not by its MPs and they have been trying to oust him ever since. He has our overwhelming support still

    1. I do agree.. expel and remove .. we need to be rid of this internal cancer. Far more important things to fix. It will be much easier and well supported without them.

  11. There’s a simple answer to the concerns these MPs have.They need not offer themselves for reselection at the next election.I’m sure there are plenty of individuals willing to represent the party’s members in the way they would wish to be represented.

  12. I’m a Labour party member and I’ve been on various groups of social media and the feeling I’m getting is that Jeremy Corbyn has the backing of the membership. The attempted PLP coup is being viewed as unforgivable by the majority of the membership and the fight for the soul of the Labour party and movement is going to be swiftly dealt with.
    Momentum has planned a mass rally outside parliament tonight to coincide with the PLPs shenanigans inside.
    The Labour party members who support Corbyn are very angry with the MPs who have stabbed their leader in the back. They watched their leader on social media campaigning for Remain the length and breadth of the country and noticed that the BBC and other mainstream media outlets largely ignored his efforts. A lot of them are asking why they are paying a license fee to a national TV provider which demonstrates such open bias against Corbyn and the Labour party.
    An article in the Telegraph dated the 16th June detailed that the “Labour rebels hope to topple Jeremy Corbyn in 24-hour blitz after EU referendum.” Further evidence that these Labour MPs have been plotting against Corbyn and would have assailed his leadership regardless of the outcome of the referendum

  13. I have always been a Labour voter but until last year I just used my vote.However i joined the Party as a result of Jeremy being elected as leader with overwhelming support. For the first time ever I heard a politician talking about things I care about and taking action on them. Jeremy is a true socialist in it’s purest form, he genuinely means what he says and follows through. He is not afraid of persisting in his questioning of members of the Opposition in PMQT when his direct question is responded to without addressing the core matter.

    This coup has been an action waiting to happen; it’s instigators are not thinking about what is best for the Party only what will further their career and self

    I call on ALL grassroot Labour supporters, whose local MP is one of the dissidents, to write to your local Labour Party calling for them to deselect the MP by bringing a motion of ‘no confidence’ in them. They should not be allowed to carry on as a Labour Party MP’s.

    If your MP is supporting Jeremy write to them applauding their stance and telling them you want him to remain as Party Leader.

    Don’t let these traitors have their way.

  14. Frank Field, friend of thatcher, providing a shoulder to cry on when even her own party turned on her. Frank did you ever mention your concerns regarding her vengeful decimation of your constituencies workplaces and the depths of poverty it dropped them, and their children and still their grandchildren in to? Those same young people you are still undermining by accusing them of being feckless, very publically and very often. Because many of them refuse jobs on zero hour contracts that are subsidised by the tax payer. Shit jobs you have done nothing to stop. No wonder you were appointed Minister for Poverty by a Tory government! Poverty you have perpetuated generation after generation, but at least your ‘feckless’ youths, who may not have jobs, have more than enough morals to make up for the absence of yours

  15. I am not surprised to see the dishonarable Alan Johnson amongst those named and hopefully shamed. He was our area MP during the time of Blair. He was responsible for closing down our A&E, our Maternity wards and the heart ward. we Ran a Petition where the whole town signed that we did bot agree to lose our hospital services to Scarborough. a total of 31,000 out of a town of 34,000, signed but Johnson would not meet us and so we lost all out main services. now the bus they put on to take patients to Scarborough is being withdrawn. how do people get there? the bus was free because we lost our services. What now for those who do not have a car.
    If they get Jeremy to resign, I too will vote fro the green party and I am a lifelong Labour supporter.

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