These MPs voted Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

FORTY MPs voted full confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party… in Tuesday’s vote. We name 39 of them.

Updated and revised at 11 August 2016.

Also note that since voting confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, Pat Glass has since resigned from the Shadow Cabinet for family reasons.

  1. Andy McDonald
  2. Angela Rayner
  3. Barry Gardiner
  4. Bill Esterson
  5. Carolyn Harris
  6. Cat Smith
  7. Catherine West
  8. Clive Lewis
  9. Dave Anderson
  10. Debbie Abrahams
  11. Dennis Skinner
  12. Diane Abbot
  13. Emily Thornberry
  14. Gerald Kaufman
  15. Gill Furniss
  16. Graham Morris
  17. Ian Lavery
  18. Ian Mearns
  19. Imran Hussain
  20. Jeremy Corbyn
  21. Jo Stevens
  22. John McDonnell
  23. Jon Trickett
  24. Jonathan Ashworth
  25. Kate Hoey
  26. Kate Osamor
  27. Kelvin Hopkins
  28. Margaret Greenwood
  29. Pat Glass
  30. Paul Flynn
  31. Peter Dowd
  32. Rachael Maskell
  33. Rebecca Long Bailey
  34. Richard Burgon
  35. Ronnie Campbell
  36. Rosena Allin Khan
  37. Steve Rotheram
  38. Tulip Siddiq
  39. Yasmin Qureshi
  • We are unsure how Andy Burnham and Liz McInnes voted. At the time of the vote they both expressed public confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. It seems that at least one of them abstained on the vote. We believe that Shadow Cabinet “returner” Sarah Champion probably also abstained.





Author: seagullnic

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94 thoughts on “These MPs voted Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. Now have those names writ large in my bonce, the rest traitors, though there were 14/15 that didn’t vote for some reason?

    1. My MP thought an anti racism demo was more important, hes in the shadow cabinet and hasn’t resigned

      1. He’s my MP as well, and I will certainly not be voting for him in the future, in fact I shall be calling for his desekection… He’s a gutless traitor if he voted against a democratic decision..

      2. Chris Evans is my MP and isn’t in the list, if he voted against a democratic decision to elect Jeremy, then he’s just a gutless traitor and won’t be getting my vote again. In fact i’m even considering calling for his deselection..

    1. Please don’t leave. That’s what they want you to do. The longer the membership has an active left-wing majority, the stronger the Labour left will be in the long run.

    2. I will back Corbyn regardless. If he should leave Labour and start afresh, I’m with him what’s in a name?

      1. What’s in a name? Quite a lot. We would be abandoning the still undecided, the union link, the finances and property, the international relationships and probably lots more to the plotters. These things are ours and I don’t want to be cheated of them. Look what happened when David Owen and Shirley Williams left to form the SDP in the 1980s – never got anywhere, eventually drifted into the Liberals to create the LibDem who now are totally irrelevant. If we have to go, so be it, but I would prefer to get rid of the other side – they can join the Tories; we would have to start again from scratch

    3. Same here! The actions of those who have stabbed him in the back means that I would NEVER have any confidence in any of them!!

    4. True socialists want him it’s the pale pink lot who do not, the one’s who were also claiming for large expenses. Jeremy is a man of the people he will get my vote.

      1. So true. The traitorous rabble are in it to be parliamentarians, it doesn’t matter to them what the party is as long as they have a seat, a salary, a huge pension and an easily abused expenses system

      2. Let’s not call them “pale pink”. A spade is a spade, they are tories, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. catherine west, hornsey and wood green announced to CLP that she was voting for confidence in JC, so there are a few errors here

  3. Well done to these 37 shame on the rest of the blue labour brigade we will back JC to the hilt…

  4. Disgraceful backstabbing,by the bitterites!! In an obviously preplanned coup .these people were voted in to implement the wishes of the electorate!! Did any ask their constituents their views or permission?? No ,therefore they acted for reasons of personal aggrandizement!! They should be called to question by their local labour party !!

    1. The problem for me is, Jeremy Corbin has a huge amount of suppoty. This is the first time a leader of the labour party has been so popular with the public. If he could have all of the support from the party it could have been a great party, so many good people. The party at the end of the day is made up of many, the head of any party should only be part of a team. Leadership can come in many forms, he is a quiet intelligent man who has had to face a barrage of hate from the media and his own party. I do think on the one hand that he should tough it out and he has my support as he is the choice of the people for good or bad. Another part of me feels that the lack of support from his colleaues is such a big problem. We do need something new.

  5. Labour in England will go the way of Labour in Scotland, unless they embrace thevplatform of traditionally Labour values which only Corbyn in recent years has embodied as leader. Labour in Scotland is increasingly irrelevant and so negative against its more credible foe, the SNP. Whereas the SNP rightly outmanoevured Labour to its left, where the f..k is Labour in England supposed to go under these MPs who have sabotaged Corbyn? I think they will drive voters like us away to the Greens again and the angry but not informed voters in deprived areas to the bigoted UKIP party. That is very worrying.

  6. I left the party because of Blair & i rejoined because of Corbyn , if a dirty Tory Blair backing movement removes Corbyn i once again will leave Party . Corbyn is bringing the Party back to the people , he needs our support .

    1. Please don’t leave, Stephen. The reason the plotters are behaving so appallingly is to drive good people to leave in disgust; that’s part of their tactics to cut down the number of Corbyn supporters. But every one of us who leaves makes the task harder for those who remain. Best thing you can do now, probably, is to find a Momentum group in your area and work with it

      1. I agree. Everyone who supports Corbyn should stay and fight whatever the result.

  7. If they depose mr corbyn and prevent him from standing again, the labour party will be dead on it’s feet. The voters who voted for him and those who would vote labour will leave in their droves leaving labour a shattered and broken party with no hope of being elected for at least a generation. So these people who voted against him have just handed the tory party the next two general elections, helped Scotland ease her way to independence, persuaded Wales to move to plaid and to their independence and statred a discussion about Irish uniting again, They have not looked at the long term concequences of their actions and failed to realise that westminster is weak and it is now so easy to strike whilst the iron is hot.

    1. The MP’s who voted ‘no confidence’ are Tory in their thinking and to their very core. They will happily do whatever is needed to keep a right wing government of any colour in power. They see themselves as martyrs to the right wing self serving cause.

    1. The names were obtained by speaking to MPs and their agents. And by public proclamations of how some MPs would vote over the past 48 hours. The list has been revised slightly this evening. But we are still unsure about the final two names… as you will see from the foot of the list.

    1. Abstainers in any vote rarely if ever give their reasons for abstaining… I guess some were under pressure from their own CLPs not to vote no-confidence?

  8. I have been trying to find out how my MP voted. If he is not on this list can I assume that he voted no confidence or did not vote. He is Jonathan Reynolds, Stalybridge and Hyde. I am having trouble with my eye’s so could only search in short burst!!!

  9. I got an email from my MP, Jamie Reed, today saying he was supporting the no confidence motion.
    I’ve asked him if he will be resigning when JC is re-elected.
    And I’ve mailed the Copeland Labour Party to ask how we propose a motion of no confidence in Mr Reed and how we go about de-selecting him……

    1. Thanks Lindsay. Added her to the list which made it 39. Then discovered that Chi Onwurah may have abstained, despite being given Shadow Minister job on Monday? So she is now a don’t know!

  10. WHERE’S TOM WATSON? As “advisor” to Jeremy you would think he would be prominent coming forward to condemn the plotters: or has been orchestrating “coup”? He looked like a man with a guilty conscience at yesterday’s conference.


  11. Chi Onwurah voted no confidence based on email sent out to Newcastle Central last night. She also said that more people had written in support of him than in criticism, so go figure.

      1. Seems so, I was one of those who wrote to her.

        “Since Monday, 86 constituents have emailed me asking to me back Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership whilst 60 constituents have emailed me asking me to vote against a motion of confidence in his leadership. I have considered all their comments. I nominated Jeremy to widen the leadership debate and have backed him since he became leader. I hope that constituents and party members alike in Newcastle recognise that I have always supported him in public and have undertaken to serve him in whatever capacity he asked of me.

        But I hope they also recognise that I cannot serve my constituents – which is my primary purpose – without effective leadership at the top of the Labour Party. Having worked in business and the public sector across three continents and many different cultures, I have experience of many types of effective leadership. Jeremy’s leadership is not effective. The lack of leadership following the Brexit vote was emblematic of this.”

      2. Thanks for that Chris. I will take her off my “possibles” now. That is some turn around. Wish the Eagles had listened to their constituents. The Liverpool Echo this morning is damning of them both!

  12. Calling Jeremy Corbyn JC just made me realise that if I had such faith, he could well be the second coming. Delusions aside, he is being crucified by scheming power-greedy shortsighted slimy wretched back stabbing self-servers.

  13. Over the years this happened many times and those in power at the time seem to get on with job regardless as if the public are used and not served with media support and the enemy from within etc. At grass roots and with intellectual knowledge we must stand and cleanup our yards and rid the party from those jobs eager characters once and for all.

  14. Murdoch has been the king maker and breaker.
    Labor MPs know this,.. their allegiance is mostly with Morduch not Corbyn.
    Brits as a Nation mostly dont know either of these things.
    Tony Blair was GQ philanthropist of the Year (after saving Murdoch from the News of the World enquiry). Favours get repaid.
    Separately, if Corbyn pushes for War Crimes there’s Bush and Cheney will immediately utilise all their firepower to shoot down and terminate anyone associated.
    Brits haven’t worked this out.
    Bush Dynasty has CIA at their disposal. That’s extraordinarily extensive.
    Brits wouldnt even concieve of all the dirt and dirty politics.

  15. May I say how proud I am to see that both my Trade Union and my MP have supported and remained loyal to Jeremy Corbyn. The current state of affairs within the labour party is nothing new. The right wing will go to any lengths to discredit anyone who champions the cause of workers, and demonstrates true socialist values. The Labour Party is the recognised party that represents the political voice of workers. This came from the Trade Unions and there can be no extricating one from the other. The struggle now is to build on what have with the remaining loyal MPs. Jeremy needs the unions, the party, and the public behind him right now to show some real power from the people.The policies and the vision that has been put forward by Jeremy should repeated over until everyone is familiar with the direction we are going. The weakest have fallen by the wayside, ‘discredited’ but the strong and determined will continue, and we will gain back momentum, and support. We have to be seen to be consistent, transparent, honest, and determined. Onward and Upward…Solidairty !!

  16. Are you guys sure those are all the MPs who voted in favour of Corbyn? I cant see my MP – Gerald Kaufman for Manchester Gorton there. I thought he was a decent man but obviously not…

  17. Look out Andy Burnham, the secret ballot’s not secret any more, which way did you vote?

  18. Please, please, please – all those people who say they will leave if we lose this. We will need to continue fighting; if there’s a leadership challenge we will need your votes. If Jeremy loses or – more likely – some bureaucratic rule is used to get rid of him, we need your votes to get rid of the MPs who plotted against him. If you go you can’t do that. Is there any other hope for some humane power in Britain today? The Greens, the left organisations – I’d love them to fill in, but they’re obviously far to small to replace Labour. There *is* nowhere else to go. We will need you – you will need you – people in Britain will need you more than ever if the plotters win

  19. Sorry if this is an unwelcome comment, but I just wouldn’t put too much faith in Andy Burnham. I just cannot trust him at all.

  20. I can’t agree with those who say if Jeremy loses we should stay in the party. Like somebody else said you can’t alter a spider’s web if you’re stuck in it. Jeremy should take his support base and their dues and form a new Left party.

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