Letter demanding full refund of £25 Poll Tax from the Labour Party

THIS is further to my Appeal against my Expulsion from the Labour Party – an open letter, published seven days ago. You may read my appeal letter here.


20 September 2016




Iain McNicol

General Secretary of the Labour Party

The Labour Party

Head Office


105 Victoria Street





Dear Mr McNicol


Membership Number: Lxxxxxxx


I write further to my email/letter of 13 September 2016 (copy attached) and my appeal against expulsion from the Labour Party.


While I still hope my appeal will be successful and I will be reinstated to the party I love, I realise that as of today, it is too late for me to vote in the current Leadership election.


I had been a member of the Labour Party from 1989-2003. I rejoined with letter of acceptance and membership card on 18 July 2016 and began paying monthly membership fees. You then accepted my £25 Poll Tax payment as a Registered Supporter on 28 July to allow me to vote in the Leadership election.


Your action to expel me, of 7 September 2016, and your acceptance of full membership and supporter status are all retrospective of the alleged offence of 28 June 2016.


You therefore took my voting fee under false pretences.


I therefore demand a full refund of that £25 fee within the next 14 days.


Yours sincerely



 Nic Outterside