An Open Letter To Iain McNicol

This guy and me are alike in so many ways


And why Labour needs to stop fighting its supporters and pull together.

Dear Iain McNicol,

12th September 2016

Today I received a letter from you, reproduced below.


I have always been very open about my political opinions and affiliations and have been politically active on and off since 1977.  As a teenager I was conservative, mostly because I was from a Conservative family. Over the years, my politics have become closer and closer to the left via the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and, latterly, The Labour Party. In short, my politics have changed over time.  In that respect, I am a perfectly ordinary voter with diverse opinions that are not wholly consistent nor wholly committed – much like The Labour Party itself.

I have also, over the years, voted for different parties depending upon the type of election; for some years voting Labour locally while voting Green or Liberal…

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