Oops. Media’s ‘Londoncentric Labour’ nonsense gives their game away

A very astute and valuable article:


As Jeremy Corbyn’s post-leadership-election reshuffle of his Shadow Cabinet began to take shape over the last few days, a media narrative began to grow alongside it.

As so often happens, however, when people try to be too clever, they ended up giving the game away in a fashion that anyone paying even a bit of attention can discern. This means it can provide an invaluable lesson in how to perceive the media’s messages and how seriously to take them, if at all.

This narrative suggests that Jeremy Corbyn’s new-look front-bench lineup is ‘London-centric’:

Take this, for example, from Sky’s chief political correspondent, Beth Rigby – and note how it accepts the premise of a claim by a Tory MP:


Predictably, the Tory Spectator’s ‘Coffee House’ blog picked up and parroted the same line:


Ms Rigby then decided to hammer home her point more explicitly:


presumably hoping we wouldn’t…

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