Now three ways to buy unique anthology of South Asian poetry and prose


DUE to huge demand there are now three different ways to buy the blockbuster Asian Voices – a unique anthology of poetry and prose by emerging writers from South Asia.

First published in February this year, the 240 page large format Asian Voices paperback met worldwide acclaim for its originality and diverse content.

A Kindle e-book edition of the book has also sold widely.

Now the book has been published in a slimmed down 100 page Director’s Cut edition.

Divided by partition, war and politics, but united by creativity, brilliance and common humanity, Asian Voices brought together 20 writers from across South Asia to shine a light on their diverse societies.

In 37,000 words, across more than 240 pages and two dozen images, these contributors paint graphic pictures of love, beauty, loss, patriarchy, disease and death in their respective countries of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

From chilly Kabul in the north, through Karachi, Delhi and Kolkata to the searing heat of Hyderabad in the south, their tales in poetry and prose are compelling.

The writers include an artist from Lahore, an engineer from Mumbai, a psychologist from Delhi, a social reformer from Jaipur, two 12th grade school students, plus many more.

The project has been pulled together by retired British newspaper editor Nic Outterside.

Nic explains the reason for the new Director’s Cut edition: “While the Asian Voices paperback sells well in the UK and Europe, its sheer size, weight and resultant costs meant many potential buyers in South Asia simply could not afford it, so were left with just the Kindle e-book.

“After consulting the writers I decided to create a special slimmed down edition, which has been judicially edited from 240 to just 100 pages.

“We hope to it will encourage many people to buy the Director’s Cut edition and some may then want to go on and purchase its big sister edition too.”

All three versions of Asian Voices are available directly from Amazon

Asian Voices has been reduced from £7.99 (675 IR) to £6.99 (590 IR)



Asian Voices – The Director’s Cut is £3.99 (337 IR)



While the Kindle e-book is £2.00 (169 IR)



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