Unique book of international poetry available in paperback and Kindle


A UNIQUE collection of international poetry, first published as an e-book in 2018 is now available worldwide as a large format paperback.

While global warming, poverty, pollution, homelessness, the refugee crisis and warfare continue to dominate world news, a diverse group of global poets have turned their spotlight on the frailty and hope of humanity.

Their book: LUMINANCE – Words for a World Gone Wrong is now published worldwide by Amazon as a stunning 125 page paperback.

The writers live 11,000 miles apart, across 18 time zones, in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Palestine, Japan, England, Scotland and six different states of the USA.

They include a mum of four, a 17-year-old student, a haiku writer, a freedom fighter, a grandfather, a modern day minstrel, a novelist and a self-proclaimed ‘mystic’.

Their poetry displays the diversity of their home cities and cultures and form the unique nature of the book.

The writers of LUMINANCE are:

Austie M Baird is a 34-year-old mother raising four young children in rural eastern Oregon, USA.

Sophie Bowns, 27, from Cumbria in England, is a teaching assistant, poet and a fiction author, with seven published books to her name.

Hanalee is a widely travelled 18-year-old gardening enthusiast from Phoenix, Arizona, now at university in Iowa.

Bridgford Hashimoko, 54, is an EFL teacher in Tokyo, Japan, who is fascinated by the many forms and variations of Haiku.

Annabel James, from Oklahoma, USA, writes poetry as a positive outlet to manage a chaos of emotions and thoughts into a form that she can share.

Anjali Love is a mystic, poet, writer, storyteller, artist, and tantric yogini, from Melbourne, Australia and is a lover of life with insatiable wanderlust.

Heather Lynn Matthews is a married 32-year-old mother of two, from Ontario, Canada, who loves to write poetry and short stories.

Joseph Nichols lives in Kentucky, USA. By day, he works for the state transportation cabinet and by the weekend he is a minstrel and DJ.

Nic Outterside, from Wolverhampton, England spent 28 years in journalism. He discovered the therapeutic power of poetry following a nervous breakdown in 2013.

Brotibir Roy is a 18-year-old and a 12th standard student in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who writes to pacify his mind and to play with words.

Megan Taylor, 22, is an English and Film graduate from Aberdeen University in Scotland.

Troy Turner was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. Nothing has captivated him so much as the written word and the interaction between author and reader.

Zanita is a 38-year-old college lecturer from Gaza in Palestine. When not teaching, she publishes books to support the liberation of her country from the control of Israel.

Nic Outterside is the editor and publisher of LUMINANCE and said: “I have edited many publications over the years, but none has been as challenging and exciting as this.

“I was lucky to have so many amazingly talented and beautiful people contributing to this hugely diverse project.

“I hope you enjoy and share their end result… we all think it is quite amazing.”

LUMINANCE – Words for a World Gone Wrong can be purchased via Amazon at:

WORLDWIDE: www.amazon.com/dp/1796270032/  price $9.71

UK: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1796270032/   price £7.50

FRANCE: www.amazon.fr/LUMINANCE-Words-World-Gone-Wrong/dp/1796270032/   price: 9.05 euros

SPAIN: www.amazon.es/dp/1796270032 price 8.92 euros

JAPAN: www.amazon.co.jp/dp/1796270032/ price 1,150 Yen

ITALY: www.amazon.co.it/dp/1796270032/ price 8.92 euros

GERMANY: www.amazon.co.it/dp/1796270032/ price 9.18 euros

And on Kindle e-book at ALL 13 Amazon international sites