Inquiry into buried bodies and the paranormal now available in both paperback and e-book

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A NEW book which lifts the lid on the strange history and unexplained incidents within a small North Shropshire cottage is now available in both paperback and e-book.

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage written by award winning investigative reporter Nic Outterside is a true account of ghostly riddles, the supernatural, unsolved mysteries, skeletal discoveries and unexplained incidents.

Originally published as a paperback book, the Kindle e-book edition has now also been made available.

The book includes testimonies from more than half a dozen people who lived in the Whitchurch cottage over a period of more than 30 years. It also includes the author’s own story of the paranormal activity he and his family encountered while resident in the same house.

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage has been painstakingly researched and written over a period of six years.

Nic explains: “I did not believe in any so-called hereafter nor did I believe in ghosts or spirits.

“I had been an investigative newspaper journalist for more than 28 years and by the very nature of my work had to deal in hard proven facts.

“But all that changed when my family and I moved into Plympton Cottage in Whitchurch in June 2013.

“From the moment my wife broke her leg in a hidden hole in the garden less than 20 minutes after the removal van arrived, right up to the Christmas and New Year holidays, each day was potted with what I can only describe as paranormal activity.”

But a eureka moment was yet to come…

“By chance on Monday 13th January 2014 I discovered that seven unidentified skeletons had been found buried in the grounds of our home,” says Nic.

“The unexplained occurrences in the cottage did not cease, but now we began an investigation as to when the bodies were buried and what became of the skeletons, because no-one seemed to know.

“My book documents not only the 18 months we lived in Plympton Cottage but also the investigation which followed,” he adds.


Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage is now available as a large format paperback from Amazon priced £7.99 ($9.94)

A Kindle e-book edition of the book is now also available worldwide for £2.99 ($3.88)

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage will also be available from selected independent book shops and by direct mail order in January 2020.

Indian author’s new book is finding its way back home to the Himalayas


A STUNNING debut book of poetry and prose published two weeks ago is now finding its way back home to a small hill fort town in the Himalayas.

Don’t Look Down by first-time author Ritambhara Chowfin was penned in the town of Almora in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.

But it was edited and published in England and printed in Poland!

Now the first few copies are finding their way back to Almora’s two public libraries and the town’s English speaking journal The Uttaranchal Deep Newspaper.

Don’t Look Down was first published on 6th October in both paperback and e-book and with burgeoning worldwide sales the first press release has been read by more than 10,000 people in places as diverse as Canada, Germany, the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the USA, as well as hundreds more the UK and India.

Ritambhara is a 25-year-old graduate in English Language and Literature from Amity University in Delhi. She is the eldest of three siblings and returned to her home town for the inspiration to write about the world she knows.

Ritambhara says she is overwhelmed by the “amazing and lovely reaction to my book.”

“Although Hindi is my first language, I love English and the UK,” she adds. “The whole process of writing and watching my book being published has been a total joy.

“And now the reaction from friends, family and even former teachers has taken my breath away.”

Editor and publisher Nic Outterside, who owns the publishing house Time is an Ocean says: “Working with Ritambhara has been an utter pleasure.

“I am very proud of this book, and of her. The worldwide reaction to her book has been amazing.”

Don’t Look Down is available in paperback priced at £4.99 (US $6.15) from most Amazon portals

A Kindle e-book edition of Don’t Look Down is also available for £1.99 (US$2.45) (174IR) from all Amazon portals