Unique new book of American and English poetry is published worldwide

A unique new book of poetry and photography from 10 different locations across North America and England is published this week as a paperback.

Western Skies includes the work of contributors from places as diverse as Oklahoma, Utah, Norfolk and Merseyside.

Among the writers are a harbour master from Miami, the CEO of a vegan organics business in California, an ICU nurse from Saskatchewan, a jazz guitarist from Oregon and a teaching assistant from Cumbria.

The stunning front cover image, and many photographs inside the book were taken by a student teacher from Shropshire, England.

The whole project has been edited and published by award winning editor Nic Outterside.

After 28 years in UK newspaper and magazine journalism Nic set up his own independent UK publishing house Time is an Ocean in 2015. Western Skies is his 14th paperback publication. Two earlier books – Death in Grimsby and Bones both became Amazon best-sellers.

Wolverhampton-based Nic said: “This book has been a dream from start to finish.

“The 5,500 mile geographical distance between the 10 contributors has never been a problem as we have communicated almost daily via the wonders of modern technology and social media.

“Everyone involved has already had their work previously published in some form. Now here the sheer diversity and quality of their new submissions shines through on every page.

“The closeness and mutual respect means we have become almost like a family.

“Western Skies is truly wonderful and sets a new benchmark for any book which now follows,” he added.

Western Skies is published worldwide as a large format paperback book on Monday 19th October.

A Kindle e-book version will be available later this month.

Western Skies is available as a (6”x9”) paperback

Priced at £8.99 from Amazon.co.uk

Priced US$11.61 from Amazon.com

Priced CA$15.35 from Amazon.ca