Poem: Roots

It was in another lifetime
When James and Isabella met
The coal dust it was blackening
But their courtship it was set
Their marriage was like thunder
On a bleak October morn
Yet their love endured forever
And two babies they were born
Nicholas and Thomas began a family line
One worked as a coal cutter
The other imported wine
Mary and Catherine bore 14 babies more
Another James and Tom among them
But the Great Depression was their score
A better life along the road
Was all that they did seek
Their backs they turned on mining
For somewhere safe to eat and sleep
And so the war did rage and bombs they did explode
As Ray and Bruce found flights of love
On airplanes and their loads
And so the story comes to pass
That Gill and Nic were born
Their lives became entwined
On a grey September morn
She looked at him and he at her
As the sun shone through the dawn
Come in he said I’ll give you
Shelter from the storm