42 Minus Love = Zero

Seven days

I’ve been waiting

For the phone to ring

Seven days

I’ve been dreading

What tomorrow will bring

For life alone without

Your love


Out loud

Like a dying dove

We both bottle up pain

In this driving rain

And it pours

So I walk alone


By tears

And darling I can’t help

Thinking those tears are yours


No One Hears the Call

Sunlight dapples

Oak tree tops

Above the leaded roof

The sky screams


Searching for the truth

Victorian tiles

Line the attic

Of Dylan’s distant vision

The rain cascades


Reaching no decision

Radiators rumble

Shunning silence

With dim electric noise

The heating coughs


Humanity destroys

Window shutters

Cause shadows

Upon the study wall

The day’s stillness


No-one hears the call