Words for Friends #12

This is part of a new series of blogs entitled Words for Friends, in which I will try to acknowledge some people in my life for whom words of thanks are not nearly enough.

These living epitaphs to my true and lovely friends are published in a random order as fancy takes me.

#12 Anissa

I don’t sense affection, no gratitude or love, your loyalty is not to me but to the stars above… one more cup of coffee for the road, one more cup of coffee ‘fore I go, to the valley below.

These words by Bob Dylan have always resonated with me since I first met the lovely Anissa in 2014.

Anissa is so many things: French, Tunisian, an Anglophile, Muslim, a deeply caring mother, a lover of art and North African food, a fiery advocate for justice, a fighter and writer for Palestinian freedom, a caffeine addict, stunningly beautiful, an amazing friend and someone you would choose first to be on your side in a conflict.

Our friendship has grown on so many levels over the past two years and rarely a day goes by when I don’t receive a message checking if I am okay and offering advice or assistance. She is always there.

Geographical distance may separate us, but Anissa is very dear to me as a rock and a friend on that long road to the valley below … one more cup of coffee!