Painting by Instagram

Sitting at home I landed in Moscow

With a tall  blonde artist by my side

The scenery around us made me stumble

And my thoughts they too began to slide

But pretty Elena, she was so humble

Now everything was black and white


Hitting a key I arrived in Brussels

On a journey so bumpy that I almost cried

Bright-eyed Elke painted Paul’s Blackbird

And her 20/20 vision it was so wide

The young artist was more than a password

As her colours shimmered in shades of light


Driving on I stopped over in Lombardy

With Michael Caine’s ‘Job’ on my mind

Dark-haired Sara was beginning a journey

And her Nikon camera strapped close behind

Through her eyes she unwrapped her country

Well beyond HG Wells’ colours of the blind


A special airlift dropped me in Berlin

The freedom of thought could now be told

German Ginette danced in the moonlight

Her views by the wall were bright and bold

This girl’s photographs shone like a searchlight

Like Burton’s spy coming in from the cold