Lonely Road

I am on a lonely road


Deep between the hedges

Trudging the country lane

Counting the crows

Cawing across the fields Travelling Looking for something

But nothing yields

The clouds spin the same

From the sky I left behind

In the bustle of the city

Just travelling

So I can I forget about you

And forget about me

Life is something new


On a lonely road

Looking for a key

Looking for something

To set me free


I want to leave behind the jealousy

Leave behind the hate Leave behind my love

Hang it on your gate

And the greed

Is now unravelling

Laughter fills the air

Music fills my head

This moment is to share

For you and for me

It keeps me so well fed

Of everything that could be

Just travelling

Thinking of your face

Your gentleness

And your grace

It makes me feel so free