Poem: The Hill

The hill that we climb
Is the sweetest decline
But does not define
Our journey
Our lives are entwined
With gold ties that bind
Yet we cannot find
The summit
Our eyes are both blind
To what we left behind
And it scrambles the mind
In regret
The sun it does shine
And the day is yet fine
To light up the decline

Poem: The Climb

Life is a journey we walk alone
A steady path
With no road home
Time is a war against the unknown
Fears reside
Within every bone
Strangers come and lovers go
Leaving scars
And wounds below
Age descends as years pass by
Feet on the ground
And eyes to the sky
Mistakes count too many
Yet joys are too few
We hold on tight and enjoy the view
The stumble you see is in your eyes
To me it is a pace
As I meet the rise
The stone in my shoe has been there awhile
It eases the pain
When I climb the next stile
So join me now on this lonely climb
The hill that awaits
Is yours and mine