Words for Friends #6

This is part of a new series of blogs entitled Words for Friends, in which I will try to acknowledge some people in my life for whom words of thanks are not nearly enough.

These living epitaphs to my true and lovely friends are published in a random order as fancy takes me.

#6 Craig

Little did I know back in 2007, when I took a chance on a man who had only ever taken holiday snaps to be my new newspaper photographer, that he would turn out to be the best snapper I had ever worked with.

He also turned out to be a best friend, and the person I chose to be the photographer at my wedding to Gill.

And so it is with Craig – a friend who is always there and who always comes through when the chips are down.

A friend who drove through eight foot snow drifts to deliver a camping gas stove to our home in the Welsh hills, when we were marooned without electricity or heating for five days in the spring of 2013.

A friend who drove a 60 mile round trip just to help me carry an old washing machine to the local amenity site.

A friend who always has my back and the first man I would turn to in times of trouble.

A man in a million… and my friend.