New poetry book written in the French Alps during the Covid 19 lockdown

A sensational debut book of poetry is published worldwide this week despite its writer and editor being in a pandemic lockdown in two different countries.

Poets Don’t Lie by first-time author Lucile Boudot was entirely penned in her home town St Cergues and university room in Grenoble – both perched high in the French Alps.

And it has been published by award winning editor Nic Outterside in Wolverhampton in the English West Midlands.

A remarkable achievement when you consider that both parties were in lockdown during the Covid 19 global pandemic and have never spoken with each other!

This transcendent work forms part of a personal journey out of darkness and into light, where love and theft are in constant conflict.

Within Poets Don’t Lie readers will find the thoughts and poetic musings of a young French woman trying to make sense of the world she inhabits, with mountains and spring snow as her backdrop.

But this young woman is exactly like anyone else. She has the same fears, the same loves, the same faults, the same frailties, the same hopes, the same passions and the same emotions; and these all come tumbling out in her unique poetry.

Lucile is an 18-year-old BA undergraduate in English Literature at Grenoble University, who like many other students around the world, found her studies interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

She is an avid reader and writer in English and a campaigner on mental health issues. She also writes a widely read poetry page called anonymously_yours_xx on the internet social media platform Instagram and has over 1,000 followers.

“Life is full of things we don’t know how to talk about. We try to find the right words, but they never fit, or we feel like they don’t fit,” she says.

“Human beings can’t live without words because we live in a society where we are obligated to talk. I never find the right words or I feel like I don’t find the right words.

“But when I write poetry I always find the perfect words… and in this book you’ll find the words that define me.”

Nic, who owns the UK publishing house Time is an Ocean says: “Working with Lucile has been an utter pleasure. Her writing is so deeply filled with emotion and her use of English is stunning.

“I am very proud of this book, and of her. It is amazing what can be achieved by email, WhatsApp and Instagram,” he added.

“The added bonus is I now consider Lucile as a very close friend.”

Poets Don’t Lie is available in paperback priced at £7.99 (9.47euros) from most Amazon portals

A Kindle e-book edition ofPoets Don’t Lie is also available for £2.99 (3.41euros)  from all Amazon portals

Award winning writer’s first two poetry books now available at sale prices

A multi-award winning UK writer is celebrating the success of his latest chart-topper by offering his first two poetry books at new discount prices.

Wolverhampton-based Nic Outterside quit his 28 year career in newspaper and magazine journalism following a nervous breakdown in June 2013.

He began the slow road to recovery under the watchful eyes of his doctor and the support of his family. Part of the therapy was for him to begin writing and talking about the life experiences which had led to his breakdown.

His first paperback book The Hill – Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light, published in November 2014. It was met with international acclaim and the first 1,000 print edition sold out.

In May 2018 he published a sequel Another Hill – Songs and Poems of Love and Theft.

Now following the stunning sales of his most recent book Death in Grimsby – 50 Years Following Brighton & Hove Albion, Nic has decided to discount his first two books to open up his other work to new readers.

“When I released The Hill in November 2014, I was struggling to get back to a life of sorts and fighting my way out of a corner,” explains Nic.

“By the time Another Hill – Songs and Poems of Love and Theft was concluded I was so far out of the corner you wouldn’t find me.

“Then when Death in Grimsby stormed up the Amazon sales charts this summer to reach #2 I realised I had exceeded any expectations of life I may have had six years ago, and had at last found my way home.”


The Hill – Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light

In paperback is now £1.50 (formerly £4.99)

The Kindle e-book version is just £1.00


Another Hill – Songs and Poems of Love and Theft

In paperback is now priced at £5.99 (formerly £7.99)

The Kindle e-book is available at just £2.00


Death in Grimsby – 50 Years Following Brighton & Hove Albion is available as a large format paperback priced at £10.49 with FREE UK delivery from Amazon.

A Kindle e-book edition is available for £3.00 at:


All books are also available on other Amazon platforms