Words for Friends #7

This is part of a new series of blogs entitled Words for Friends, in which I will try to acknowledge some people in my life for whom words of thanks are not nearly enough.

These living epitaphs to my true and lovely friends are published in a random order as fancy takes me.

#7 Judith and Lawson

It seems that Judith and Lawson have always been part of my lifeā€¦ and it is true that since 1992, when we first met, they have always been there.

We witnessed our respective daughters (six in total between us!) being born and start school, and over the years they stood by me through relationship breakdowns and more house moves than you could shake a stick at.

But one almost divine memory of our friendship will always remain:

One hot July eve in 1993, they came to our house for a fondue meal. And as we ate our way through various hot oil dips and puddings, and drank far too much wine than was good for us, their baby daughter slept soundly in the next room.

We continued drinking, talking and laughing; and watched the sun set through the west facing window of the kitchen. Many hours passed until with shared awe we watched the same sun rise through the east facing kitchen window.

We fired up the fondue again and for the first and last time in my life, we shared the delight of fondue cooked bacon for breakfast.

Some memories and friends are priceless.