Darkness and Light (a lot less dignity than you think)

Look in their eyes and then you’ll see

Love or murder in the first degree

Friends last forever but the lovers just lust

And the demon’s glare turns it all to rust

I went down to where the vultures still feed

I would’ve gone deeper, but there was no need

Heard the tongues of angels and the tongues of men

Taunting my back and corrupting again

So many roads and so much at stake

So many dead ends, I’m at the edge of the lake

Sometimes I wonder which path to take

But I cannot return from the last mistake

See my blue-eyed boy run cross the mud and sand

We keep going down into that forgotten land

I heard the songs of darkness and the songs of light

In the emotional avenues of despair

She smiled and sparkled and I just laughed

Duplicity never been photographed

I went down to the bottom and back it seems

Into the valley of those electric dreams

Running fast and moving too slow

Now at the end, there’s no place to go

Just bite down hard on the next bitter pill

And follow sweet fairies to the top of the hill

Poem: Stolen Moments

Torch song

You touch me like the wind

Sad vignette

It has a tale to tell

Cast iron ballad

You are my planet wave

Sweet goddess

Your light it shows the way


Dylan’s night

The air it is so cold

Willow’s end

Struggling to the ledge

Dark beauty

Is buried in your past

Sweet goddess

Your light it shows the way


Dear Hazel

One lost moment of bliss

Easy breath

The phantoms of my youth

Forever young

A heart so full of joy

Sweet goddess

Your light it shows the way


Suicide Road

Now a song of freedom

Fallen angel

Rests under your wing

Frozen lake

Beautiful beyond words

Sweet goddess

Your light it shows the way


Turning tide

I love you more than blood

Our tune

We play it on this Earth

Breaking waves

The torch is lit again

Sweet goddess

Your light it shows the way