Four Riders of the Apocalypse

You tore away my innocence

With my young fear in your hand

You sliced apart my body

Leaving scars I could not stand

You took my friend away from me

And left the wounds to bleed

You tempted me with beauty

I was a fool indeed

You stole each of my children

And corrupted my young wife

You told lies about my character

And polluted my whole life

You murdered my good family

Took my son to begin again

Mocked each of my weaknesses

Tattooed babies with a poison pen

You stole my house and chattels

Left me without a home

You took my family and my loved ones

Leaving me to fight alone

You threatened me with blackmail

With a dinner plate in your hand

You brought it crashing down

Something I still don’t understand

You gave me strength and patience

And the best friends in the land

You gave me love and honesty

So my enemies could not stand

You gave me hope and gentleness

And the spirit to take stock

You gave me life and laughter

And faith within a solid rock