Momentary Nails

Flash of anger

Howls like a


We regret the



Homeward bound

It will not last

Battles won

And souls are lost

Peace is sewn

The wind is blown

Society ponders Justice


The sickle





Hanging by nails

Upon your cross

And Crescent



Poem: Life is a Short Movie

Looking back on a winter’s day

Life’s movie seems so short

Grey flannelled memories dance and sway

Snapshots of the past cannot be bought

The rain runs rivers down the window

Life’s movie seems so short

Dark forest horrors still move too slow

Like a running deer pursued for sport

Ladies came and lovers went

Life’s movie seems so short

The cancer cure was crooked and bent

And love’s sad death the cruellest sport

The children of men have now all gone

Life’s movie seems so short

Lost in a haze of another false song

With ageless hope the last resort

The world is old, the world is grey

Life’s movie seems so short

Lessons of life can’t be learned in a day

So I sit and let the image distort