Leather Bound Memories

You wore grey

On that blissful day

Your love cut like a knife

A handful of rain was all I gave

As you held my hand so tight

Just leather bound memories


Our lives were grey

On that frightening day

I feared for my new wife

We waited for fragmented time

Magic and loss returned your life

Just leather bound memories


The future was grey

On that fateful day

Into your wide arms I fell

Abuse and pain ate through my brain

Forty-three years of a living hell

Just leather bound memories


The sky was grey

On that moving day

Into Alice’s hole you stumbled

The snap, the break, the huge mistake

In chaos the dead spirits mumbled

Just leather bound memories


Your dress is still grey

On this broken day

Like Lennon’s dream recalled

A Revolution 9 as I sip the wine

And remember these times before

Just leather bound memories


Father revisited

When you died

I could not cry

My heart it heaved

My soul was crushed

I vowed to you

Sitting at your


That I’d carry you



To another

Place And that

Would be my joy

So I stood up


Your first born

And told

Your tale

To others that

You loved

My hands they


And I could not


As your casket

Entered the

Crimson fire

Now seven years

Have passed

You are with me still

And the tears have


Too often

Sometimes too freely



Of what was

And what never


Among the weeds

Of Yesterday