The unplanned journey

I began this writing/blogging lark about two years ago. Okay I know I earned my living writing for 28 years prior to that, but this was different… this was for me!

Initially the writing was a form of therapy following my breakdown in June 2013. The script was about significant events in my life and putting it down in the written word was certainly cathartic. But then it started to grow like Topsy, and within no time at all I was writing my first children/teen novel (16 chapters done and about 10 to go), rebooting loads of my newspaper investigations, top of the head political opinion pieces and spontaneously over 100 songs and poems – the first 60 of which were published in my book The Hill – Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light.

But I couldn’t have achieved any of this without the constant encouragement of my family and four brilliant friends, who often without warning would tell me how much they enjoyed what I was writing and encouraged me to write more.

Over the past two years their words and encouragement touched somewhere so deep, even when I wanted to throw it all away. These four friends don’t know each other, but they all know me and strangely each has on different occasions urged me to write my autobiography. To be frank, it is something which I have wanted to do for years, but the prospect has terrified me. But yesterday, holding on to their encouragement, I started the task and the first 2,000 words are now down!

It starts with a young boy being sexually abused in a dark woodland and will visit hell in its many forms over the ensuing 45 years. But it will also be uplifting and I will include amazing people and incredible occasions. I have no idea how long it will be or how long it will take me. I obviously need to get the balance right and it will probably need massive editing. It is my work in progress and the working title is: Scorpions, Soul Mates and Substitutes.

Watch this space!