Former newspaper editor to release second book following unexpected success of debut title

A FORMER newspaper editor, who left journalism to start his own publishing company, is preparing to publish his second book of songs and poems.

Multi award winning writer and editor Nic Outterside quit his job as editor of North Wales’ flagship weekly The Denbighshire Free Press following a nervous breakdown in June 2013.

Nic – who now lives in Wolverhampton – launched his own publishing and company and began the slow road to recovery under the watchful eyes of his doctor and the support of his family. Part of the suggested therapy was for him to begin writing and talking about the life experiences which had led to his breakdown.

Nic started a blog two years ago and began to chronicle his life in a series of long and often harrowing stories.

From childhood sexual abuse, through cancer, bereavement, bankruptcy, divorce, repossession of my home, the loss of two of my children and an assault which almost took my life, I guess there was a lot to write about,” says Nic. “And in hindsight I had held the breakdown at bay for far too long.”

“I also used the blog as a conduit for my own creative writing, current affairs opinion pieces and the odd bits of poetry,” he explains. “Then after about 20,000 blog hits and 100 regular followers I was amazed to find that the poetry was receiving all the positive feedback. Family members, random friends and complete strangers suggested I should publish the poems “properly” as a book.

“But from my own experience in publishing I knew that most book publishers will not touch new poets with a cattle prod! So I decided to publish the book myself.

“My first book The Hill- Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light was a huge success, and last winter started work on the follow-up.

“Now, Just Another Hill is almost finished and I plan publication in November. Like the first book, it will be 100 more pages of angst, joy, reflection and opinion, warts and all.”

The Hill: Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light in paperback, is still available priced at just £3.99 with £1.80 for UK post and packing. To obtain a copy go to

Notes to Editors:

  1. Nic is an award-winning editor and writer who has worked with top sportspeople, politicians, musicians, business leaders and small businesses. Among more than a dozen awards to his name are North of England Daily Journalist of the Year, Scottish Daily Journalist of the Year, Scottish Weekly Journalist of the Year and a special national award for investigative journalism. He was twice editor of Weekly Newspaper of the Year.
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