Beyond Dark Eyes

I am sat here alone and writing

The midnight moon shines on the temple gates

They’re drinking wine and talking

And my thoughts they all now separate

I live in another world

Where pain and death are iconised

My life is strung with traitor’s pearls

And all I see are dark eyes


I think of you sleeping so far away

Hear you breathe sweet innocence

Your face it fades into darkened grey

But your words now enter my inner sense

I can hear a desert drum

Beating beneath the poet’s disguise

Four riders watch as they come

And all I see are dark eyes


I was raised to be discreet

For all life’s intended purposes

They tell me revenge is sweet

Against my enemy’s twisted vertices

But I feel nothing for their game

Where beauty goes unrecognized

All I feel is heat and flame

And all I see are dark eyes


A Town called Judas

Oh Manchester

You dawn so grey

And open the blinds on another day

Scarlet Town echoes

Tangled up in blue

A world gone wrong

So we start anew


On Autumn leaves


Tugging at my sleeves



Street cars sing

Sirens wail

For what the day might bring

Far away

On a common green

In another place, a world unseen

I find my soul

My heart has wings

And leaps forth

Like those Roman Kings


On Autumn leaves


Tugging at my sleeves



And laughter

I lose my fears

For those long and wasted years

This is the Sea

Swirling salt water laps at my feet

The west wind finds frailties

Of what remains from the sleep

Greyness spreads to the dark horizon

Herring gulls call me to the deep

This is the end

This is my friend

This is the sea

Memories meander around what happened before

Questions open wounds bleakly

Yet we all know the score

Emptiness echoes as hope once evades

Waves they now crash upon the shore

This is the end

This is my friend

This is the sea

No One Hears the Call

Sunlight dapples

Oak tree tops

Above the leaded roof

The sky screams


Searching for the truth

Victorian tiles

Line the attic

Of Dylan’s distant vision

The rain cascades


Reaching no decision

Radiators rumble

Shunning silence

With dim electric noise

The heating coughs


Humanity destroys

Window shutters

Cause shadows

Upon the study wall

The day’s stillness


No-one hears the call