Blogging Update

I HAVE been blogging at for the past 20 months and have just hit a few milestones, so thought I ought to post an update.

As of today my blog has received 20,000 hits (an average of 1,000 every month) and the 258 posts have had 9,126 visitors. I now have 109 regular followers and have won one award and was nominated for one other. My best day was 5 March 2014 when I had 700 hits in one day and my average busiest time for blog views is 12 noon (12% of all views) on a Tuesday (34% of views). Work that one out if you can!

My most popular blog postings have been: The Answer My Friend Is Blowin’ in the Wind, Everything Stays Down Where It’s Wounded and the poem Writing.

I have had a bit of a lull in my blogging for the first six months of this year, following the publication of The Hill: Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light but am back to it with a bit of vengeance, and have already written 36 songs and poems for the next book.

A number of close friends have suggested I start writing my autobiography, so am in the process of that right now. I guess there is a lot to tell!

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Nic xxx