Blogging Amazing

I STARTED blogging at in late September 2013 as a form of therapy and catharsis following my nervous breakdown earlier that year.

During the ensuing 27 months I have blogged about everything under the sun, including a full exposure of my life, politics, opinion, poems and songs. I have also reloaded a score of pieces from my years in newspaper journalism, written extensively about my villains and heroes and published the first 12 chapters of my new children’s novel.

Until last Friday my most read piece was in March 2014 entitled: The Answer My Friend is Blowin’ in the Wind concerning a prisoner on Death Row in Texas, USA. It had a stunning 859 readers.

And as of Friday I had written 337 blog posts, enjoyed just over 25,000 hits and had 100 regular followers.

But suddenly all that changed with one simple blog.

At lunchtime on Friday 8 January, I published a slightly controversial 2,000 word piece about BBC duplicity and political bias over the resignation of Labour Minister Stephen Doughty. The article entitled The Crippled Estate of BBC Spin was duly shared on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Then something remarkable happened.

For reasons totally beyond my experience after 30 years in journalism, the article went viral and has been shared across the world – only Greenland, China and parts of central Africa seem untouched.

I still feel a total loss of reality.

At the time of writing, this one blog post has had 23,247 hits! My blog hits for the first 12 days of 2016 number 28,188 – more than the combined totals for 2013, 2014 and 2015!

Two subsequent blog posts The Labour Party Tops Half a Million Members Under Corbyn and David Bowie’s Death Bed Riddle have, at the time of writing, received 1,644 and 1,222 hits respectively.

I now have 143 regular blog followers plus another 98 followers by email and an extra 182 Twitter followers. As a bonus I have also made half a dozen new friends.

All I can add is: Blimey!