Best-selling paranormal paperback launch and signing at ‘haunted’ town pub

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A NEW book which lifts the lid on the strange history and unexplained incidents within a small North Shropshire cottage will be officially launched at a haunted town pub.

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage written by award winning investigative reporter Nic Outterside is a true account of ghostly riddles, the supernatural, unsolved mysteries, skeletal discoveries and unexplained incidents.

The book includes testimonies from more than half a dozen people who lived in the Whitchurch cottage over a period of more than 30 years. It also includes the author’s own story of the paranormal activity he and his family encountered while resident in the same house.

Originally published on 16th October on Amazon, the book has recently been made available at BookShrop in Green End, Whitchurch.

It has quickly become an Amazon best seller in its genre and this week the owner of Bookshrop said it was “selling like hot cakes” in her own store, as she ordered a second batch of the paperback.

Now an official launch and personal book signing event is scheduled for the weekend of the Whitchurch Christmas Fair.

The launch will take place from 3.30pm on Saturday 30th November in the function room of the White Bear pub in the town’s High Street. Everyone is welcome.

The White Bear is one of six public houses in Whitchurch which are alleged to be haunted.

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage has been painstakingly researched and written over a period of a six years.

Nic explains: “I did not believe in any so-called hereafter nor did I believe in ghosts or spirits.

“I had been an investigative newspaper journalist for more than 28 years and by the very nature of my work had to deal in hard proven facts.

“But all that changed when my family and I moved into Plympton Cottage in Whitchurch in June 2013.

“From the moment my wife broke her leg in a hidden hole in the garden less than 20 minutes after the removal van arrived, each day we lived there was potted with what I can only describe as paranormal activity.”

But a eureka moment occurred on Monday 13th January 2014.

“By chance on that day I discovered that seven unidentified skeletons had been found buried in the grounds of our home,” says Nic.

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage is available as a large format paperback from Amazon priced £7.99 ($9.94)

Or to buy personally at BookShrop, Green End, Whitchurch.