Brief Encounter #2

SallyGeesonSally Geeson

IT seems so long ago now, but there again it might as well have been yesterday.

I was just turned 17 and working my Saturday job at Boots the Chemist in my local town of Worthing. It was like any other Saturday. The store was, as usual, busy and I was getting quite used to occasionally serving half famous actors lodging in the town while performing at our local rep theatre.

But, I was not expecting the next customer.

It was my heartthrob and object of most of my teenage fantasies: actress Sally Geeson from the popular TV sitcom Bless this House. Ms Geeson played Sid James’ teenage daughter, also called Sally, in the hit series.

I stood there dumbstruck and quietly uttered; “Can I help you?”

Her big eyes seduced me from across the counter as she asked for some item of ladies’ toiletries. I think I probably dribbled, broke into a cold sweat or stuttered… or most likely did all three, before directing her down the counter aisle to the appropriate female assistant.

I stood open mouthed gazing after her.

This was my Brief Encounter.

I later found out that Ms Geeson is just six years older than me and went on to marry TV quiz presenter William G Stewart.

Lucky William!