Do you want to publish your very own book?

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Do you have that long awaited novel you have dreamed all your life that would one day see print?

Would you like to tell your life story for others to read?

Do you have dozens of poems or songs that deserve to be published?

Would you like to write a “This is Your Life” book to celebrate a loved-ones big zero birthday?


WELL your dreams can come true and I can help you realise them.

With 30 years’ experience in writing, editing, designing and publishing award winning newspapers, magazines, leaflets and books, I can show you the way to that dream.

I published my widely acclaimed book of songs and poems The Hill – Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light in November 2014, and dozens of people have asked me “How did you do it?”

The answer is simple: I did it all myself.

And so can you.

In the increasingly competitive publishing world, self-publishing offers many important benefits:

  • Self publishers can make their publishing dream come true.

  • You retain full control of the publishing process.

  • You void the frustrations of traditional publishing when you publish your own book.

  • You enjoy bigger per-book royalty percentages than with traditional publishing.

  • Cost effective short print runs.

  • Take advantage of online marketing to sell your book.

  • Impress everyone who said ‘it won’t happen!’

My company writeahead specialises in short-order, small run tailor made books and we can do it all from start to finish.

Prices start at a modest £120 for a four page leaflet to about £2,200 for a 140 page book to include, editing, revisions, subbing, pagination, design, ISBN coding, publishing and printing, with the books delivered right to your door.

If you would like me to write your book and market it too, then we make a mutually agreeable time frame at an additional price.

I offer:

  • A friendly personal service
  • A simplified process for getting published

  • Massive publishing and self-publishing experience since 1986

  • Specialist experience of self-publishing in the UK market

  • Competitive print options

  • A full package of book publishers’ services

The right choice of book printing can make a huge difference to the financial viability of your publishing project.

Whether you want one book to be printed at a time, a small run of 50 books or pamphlets, or a longer run of 2,000 copies using our long run printing service, we have cost-effective printing option for your needs.

Unlike some publishing businesses, I’ll actively encourage you to visit us and stay closely involved throughout the process of self-publishing a book.

The result is the realisation of a publishing dream with a professionally produced book and a realisation of that dream.

If you are interested, then please visit my website at or contact me directly at